Christos William Ioannou

CHRISTMAS WITH CHRISTOS! The baby's FIRST Christmas - 2001. ENJOY! All pics 12/19

Baby in front of tree.

Enjoying the taste of ribbon!

What? Me worry??

Uh-OH - Where's his other slipper?!

"Where's Santa??"

I want to see the baby from the beginning!

CLICK HERE: To see the newborn pics.

The Baptism!

CLICK HERE: The 6 month baby pic.

New stuff added to 6 month in December (not just JC Penney pic)!

CLICK HERE: The 6 month baby pics.

This is the best pic so far - the infamous 4 month old black and white shot!

CLICK HERE: The 4 month baby pic.

Hey! What about the three month old - when he still had hair?!!

CLICK HERE: The 3 month baby page.

Hey! What about the two month old shots?!!

CLICK HERE: The 2 month baby page.

Hey! I want to see him at one month!!

CLICK HERE: The 1 month baby page.

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