Christos William Ioannou

Where has the time gone?? Christos is 11 months old on March 5, 2002. ENJOY! All pics dated.

What's the big idea? You made the web community wait this long to see me?! March 4

Chillin' in the crib! March 4

At Joy's house - playin'. Feb. 20

Uh-OH - What's this wet stuff? (Only Sawyer knows for sure!) Feb. 20

Feb. 15 at Seth Peterson Cottage - see more pics of this trip by CLICKING HERE

I want to see the baby from the beginning!

CLICK HERE: To see the newborn pics.


CLICK HERE: See the elf at Christmas.

The Baptism!

CLICK HERE: The 7 month baby pic.

New stuff added to 6 month in December (not just JC Penney pic)!

CLICK HERE: The 6 month baby pics.

This is the best pic so far - the infamous 4 month old black and white shot!

CLICK HERE: The 4 month baby pic.

Hey! What about the three month old - when he still had hair?!!

CLICK HERE: The 3 month baby page.

Hey! What about the two month old shots?!!

CLICK HERE: The 2 month baby page.

Hey! I want to see him at one month!!

CLICK HERE: The 1 month baby page.

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