The Seth Peterson Cottage - February 14-15, 2002.

This is the only Frank Lloyd Wright property that available for rent. Molly made reservations two years in advance for this Valentine's Day trip. Frank designed it all - even the wacky plywood furniture!

View of the cottage. Molly is at the front door.

View of the cottage - looking northwest.

View of the cottage, facing north.

View of the cottage - looking up from the bluff, towards southeast.

Birdhouse in foreground, canoe house back in the distance.
Moving to the inside.

The living room - looking northeast.

Molly and Christos (frozen Mirror Lake in the background - the white stuff.)

The fireplace.

Christos eating off the plywood.

Christos eating - Xterra visible outside.

The kitchen.

Bedroom from one side.

Bedroom looking in the other direction (couch visible in the distance.)

The facilities (looking in from the bedroom.)

Molly and Christos - as we were leaving.

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