Look out - the Yankees are comin'!

Blumpee goes for the deep South!
Blumpee MMIII - Gulfport, Mississippi
This time we are staying at the fabulous Casino Magic (Inn) - and guess who is the "odds on favorite to win? Johnny "Knuckles" Palotas. Why? Because Gary "The Mouth" McGriff or "Dapper" Dan Demaree won't be playing!

Well - the 2003 Blumpee webpage. This page is for YOU, the WEB-SAVY BLUMPIST, or a visitor to this site! WELCOME and don't forget to write to Hamish.

Blumpee 2003 Course Line-up

Bridges Golf Resort-Casino Magic Feb. 21

Diamondhead CC-Cardinal Course Feb. 22

Great Southern Golf Club Feb 23 Established 1908

The Oaks Feb. 24

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Thats right, get ready for a rebel yell and some hootin' and a hollerin'! We are takin' the Blumpee to Mississippi. Like that logo? I fixed it up myself! Hell - we are stayin' at a fancy Casino on the Gulf of Mississippi. Click on the pic of it to see it's website.

NOTE: To all 2003 Blumpee Open participants - especially you hyper-cheapskates! Do you think you can just eat and drink free "comps" - it doesn't work like that! Click on the the word and see how it it done! Now for you high rollers, click here for refresher course in how to play craps. If you check out the weather (below left on this page) - that might be ALL you're gonna do!

How the Blumpee has dwindled. Once it had 20 participants - soon Demos "The Greek" Ioannou or Jim "Don't-call-me-Jimmy" Kuhn might win by attrition. Many bowed out this year due the economic protest of the ississippi state flag! Yes, there are a few dyed-in-wool liberals who participated in the past. Perry at Pine Lakes may have been the last straw! The rest of us took part in some constructive engagement. Want to see some of last year's pictures???? Check the The Galleryand see some fine pictures!

Who will go on that sweet escape to the deep South, where we catch the first breath of Spring. Will YOU be there in 2003?

The trip includes:

* 72 Holes of breathtakingly beautiful golf holes!
* Gulfside accomodations in Gulfport, MS!
* All of this for LESS than the Greens Fees of the 4 courses!

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