2007 - Winter arrives

Don't freak out - yes a new pic! Take your time - I recently did a major update.
Aidan and Christos in front of Onaway school - January 29, 2007.

Updated 02/08/2007

Kids love the snow - see more below.

New Pages:

Last 2006: Sledding and Christmas decorating.

Hut-Hut-HIKE!: All kinds of activities.

BOOM! The Fourth of July and the First days of school.

Spring sprang.

Ch-ch-changes - Where's your shame? You've left us up to our necks in it. (David Bowie)

2005 Misc Catching up

Older pages listed in order of most recent to oldest:

SUMMER 2004: Backyard and BATH pics.

Yeee-haw!: Christos, the rodeo monkey. Arkansas 2004

Baptism for Melina. St. Louis 2004

St. Louis Before and after baptism.

HAWAIIAN Vacation. April '04

SPRINGTIME for Melina.

OUTSIDE ACTION in the late Winter/early Spring.

OH NO - KISTO!: Christos, the monkey.

Ozark Mirth - making merry. Pics from 3/31 update.

December: in black and white.

Melina: in black and white.

40 Days after her arrival, Mama and baby get blessed.

Great Pumpkin visits Arkansas.

Christo gets jealous, time to distract him.

Mooshhhh's parental units: Visits to the "Diamond State".


Christos: On vacation with his family - April 2003.

Family shots: in and around Arkansas.

Christos 2002 Holidays: with some important people in his life.

BATH TIME ACTION shots of the monkey early in 2003.

Christos, Molly and Mooshhhh: at home in Arkansas.

ACTION shots of the monkey.

FRANZI visits Arkansas - and is impressed!

BOO! what did Christos dressup as...??? Find out here. Halloween 2002.

SUMMER 2002: Still in Wisconsin!

See the webpage for the
FLORIDA TRIP: A lot of pics here!

Baby in the SPRINGTIME

See fun in the yard - May 2002.

You say its your... FIRST BIRTHDAY? April 5, 2002.

I want to see the March pics!
CLICK HERE: To see the March update.

Feb. 15 at Seth Peterson Cottage
See pics of this trip at a Frank Loyd Wright Cottage by ckicking here.

CLICK HERE: See the elf at his first Christmas.

The Baptism!
CLICK HERE: The 7 month baby pic.

New stuff added to 6 month in December (not just JC Penney pic)!
CLICK HERE: The 6 month baby pics.

This is the best pic so far - the infamous 4 month old black and white shot!
CLICK HERE: The 4 month baby pic.

Hey! What about the three month old - when he still had hair?!!
CLICK HERE: The 3 month baby page.

Hey! What about the two month old shots?!!
CLICK HERE: The 2 month baby page.

Hey! I want to see him at one month!!
CLICK HERE: The 1 month baby page.

I want to see the baby from the beginning!
CLICK HERE: To see the newborn pics.

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