Hey Y'all - it's Melina!

The long-awaited web debut is here, enjoy! Updated 10/04/03.

Literally a few minutes old at the Willow Creek Women's Hospital - Johnson, AR - Aug. 24, 2003.

Mama Molly intruduces Melina to her big brother.

Christo holds Melina for the 1st time.

Molly and Christo prepare Melina to go home.

Melina - just arrives home.

Christo wants to know how long she plans on staying.

Tiny baby Melina gets her first bath in the kitchen sink.

In spite of pictures, Melina seems to LOVE bathtime.

Christo mugs as Aunt Ellen holds Melina while keeping an eye on Melina's cousin - Stefan(os) Baird.

The good, the bad and the... crying.

Alert and ready for more pics (in the NEXT update.)

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