Highlights of the game.
With comments by Mooshhhh.
Most pics from AP.

Roughly my angle for seeing the game (from Bucknuts.com) TBDITL performs script Ohio in pregame festivities.

That's what the "Horseshoe West" wanted - and they got it. I bet 80% of the crowd was part of the Buckeye Nation. It was loud! We knew we'd impacted the game early when Miami QB Dorsey had to call a time-out and go get hand signals.

Only 10 sacks all year - the Buckeyes nail Dorsey on his first play - and then over and over again. OUCH!

Krenzel played smart, limited turnovers and scored twice.

Some say Maurice Clarrett didn't play that great. Well this was the winning TD - and Miami's D was fast - plugging the holes that "Reecie" normally exploits.

And Cie Grant blitzes from Dorsey's blind side - and it is over.

We won!

We won!

We won!

WE won!

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