So, you think that overtime PI (pass interference) call was bad?

Editorial by Mooshhhh.

I was there. I saw it. It WAS late - so what? Should it have been defensive holding? Maybe. Either way it's an automatic first down. Since many of you who only saw it on TV and only heard Dan Fouts tell you it was a "Bad call!" - that's your problem. They never showed the whole play on TV - so you never saw the whole play - only the second contact on that same play.

Even so, the refs blew it in regulation. Had Chris Gamble's catch of the ball (with about 2:20 left) been ruled correctly, or if the defensive holding on THAT play been called, the game was over. No tying field goal, no overtime, no infamous call on Miami, nothing.

Now I was sitting way up in the "cheap" seats - and I saw the Buckeyes getting held almost every play of the game. White jerseys geting yanked by black gloves is easy to see, even fron section 233. Do you think I'm crazy? See below.

Hmmm - would Dorsey have gotten this pass off without that black glove helping him? This is a subtle one. An appetizer if you will.

McGahee breaks to the outside with some help (maybe?!)

This might be the same play as above - can it be more obvious?

Look closely! There are TWO "holds" going on here.

Oops! Did I ask if the holding could be more obvious up above? Here's one that is. No call.

Just for fun, an example of defensive holding.

Oh my, the Hurricanes were robbed, weren't they?
Lastly, a word on Tressel and Woody.
Rest in peace, Woody. Your legacy of success and excellence has been passed on to Coach Jim Tressel. Woody, your ghost does not have to haunt us any more. Your soul can now be at rest.

Coach Woody Hayes

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