SUMMER 2006.

Fourth of July, Festivals, vacation and (2) first day(s) of school.
Updated 12/15/2006. Note - Some pics are regular digital, others from my phone.

Fourth of July

4th of July - Melina in the Shaker Heights Kid's Parade.

The parade begins RIGHT in front of our house.

Later at the Shaker Heights city parade.
The Rocket Car!

Taken infront of the famous Euclid Beach Rocket Car.

All aboard.

On our way home from the ride - we saw it again!

Full shot from the website.

Tall Ships!

Taken on board a pirate ship visiting Lake Erie.

Christos prepares the cannon.

Christos on board the fire fighting boat!

Festivals and fun!

St. Demetrious Festival Warren, OH - July 2006.

At the Cleveland Zoo.

Tough guy summer haircut and adoring sister!

Taking a break on a bike ride - Horseshoe Lake - Shaker Heights.

The 185th Street Fair

The kids at the Robinson's farm in Granville, OH

At the 2006 Midwest Reggaefest - Reggae legend Pato Banton in the background. Aug. 12, 2006

Historic first - Christos on his first bike ride WITHOUT training wheels!
Melina turns 3.

Melina and Hello-Kitty-themed cake.

Vacation by the sea.

Melina - Labor Day weekend - Ocean City, Maryland.

Christos gets buried.

Melina - on the beach as Hurricane Ernesto fades away.

Christos playing on the beach - Hurricane Ernesto leaves.

Christos attempting to body surf.

Melina and Daddy on the Ferris wheel - she looks a little scared!

Putt-Putt master Christos with mysterious woman in the background.

First day of School.

Christos: Kindergarten at Onaway Elementary

Melina hugs Christos "Good-bye" as he leaves for school.

(L to R) Josh, Jack and Christos head off to school.

Christos at the flag raising on the first day of school.

Melina: Pre-K at Cleveland Music School Settlement

Christos gets to hug Melina "Good-bye" - she leaves before he does!.

Melina seems to show a little apprehension.

Daddy reassures Melina with a goodbye hug. Have fun big girl!

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