Winter 2005-2006

Wow! What a bizarre time. Big changes (not mentioned here.)

Christos at his first Browns game; ominous clouds. Warm December day.

At the Great Lakes Science Center

Pre-K Christmas Party at CMSS.

Holiday play.

Holiday program at Church.

With Santa at his cabin at the Zoo.

Bowling. (L to R) Michael, Krista, Nicole & Christos in Warren.

Melina looks for the 3 lb. ball.

Christos' ball hits something.

On a fruitless hunting expedition with Sammy.

Nothing stops the daily dog walk! Melina gets a ride.

Christos - you have to walk.

Melina gets a push on the sledding hill.

Christos demonstrates the ability to ride AND wave.

After church snacking.

Melina - a will of her own.

At St. Stanislaus Church - at the concert of the "Mysterious Bulgarian Voices."

At St. Stanislaus Church altar - intermission of the "Mysterious Bulgarian Voices."

Christos looks to the future - March 31, 2006.

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