SUMMER 2007.

Vacation pics Ohio parks, the Jersey Shore and MORE.
Updated 11/20/2007.

Camping Vacation

Melina actually did enjoy this boat ride with her brother.

Christos and Melina in front of Old Man's Cave - Hocking Hills, OH.

The forest where Ash Cave lies, just beyond.

Ash Cave - One of the finest pics I have ever taken.

Ash Cave - this rock is the same one from the Ash Cave picture.

Melina does all the work on the Mohican River.

Melina in the camper cabin.

Christos with slightly goofy wave in Granville, OH.

Beach Vacation!
At the Jersey shore.

Christos and Melina - guess where? August 2007.

You gotta be kidding me! Melina launches over a huge sand pit! Cape May, NJ.

Christos takes it easy on the shore... after boogie-boarding in the surf.

Rainy day by the shore? No problem. Atlantic City Aquarium was close by.
Christos shown petting a horshoe crab while Melina keeps herself way clear.

Christos touches a stingray! Melina nowhere in sight.

"Aaaarghhh" Lots of opportunity to lose booty in the casinos of Atlantic City.

Easy kids, don't run. It's just the front of a Putt-Putt golf course. More rainy day fun in Wildwood, NJ.

Melina hams it up with her brother.

Hole in one! Christos stands over one of his many "Hole-in-1"'s.

That's right, another hole-in-one! Downhill-style!

Margate, NJ - LUCY THE ELEPHANT. World's largest elephant.

Christos & Melina stand on LUCY THE ELEPHANT's toes.

Inside LUCY THE ELEPHANT - those port holes are her eyes.

Melina on the Whale Watch (actually Dolphin watch) in the Atlantic ocean.

Happy Birthday, Melina. Aug. 24, 2007 - with friends at the Honeysuckle Rose, Cape May, NJ.

Sister and brother at Cape May Point, Light House.

Back Home!
Reggaefest, another cake and 1st day of 1st grade.

Christos and daddy Mooshhh at 2007 Reggaefest - the LEGENDARY Ken Booth in the background.

Melina - hidden behind daddy - Ken Booth there, too.

Melina - this time celebrating 4th birthday with neighbors and friends.

You gotta be kidding me! First day of first grade - late August 2007.

Christos lines up with new classmates behind Onaway school.

Christos at the flag raising ceremony - front lawn of Onaway - 1st day of school.

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