Autumn all over the World

Pics from another action packed season. Updated 12/19/08.

Demos and cousin Dagmar in Munich - OKTOBERFEST - Sept. 24

Settling in for a beer - HOFFBRAU

View from our seat in the Beerhall. See oom-pah band in the distance.

Mooshhhh with South African reveller (name forgotten.)

Return to Madison, WI - Ohio State defeats Wisconsin.

Mooshhhh with John D. before Browns lost hope; Monday night win over the Giants.


Maureen oversees grape picking.

Melina and Sammy snag some apples!

Melina picks her pumpkin and announces her decision by sitting on it.

Christos shows off a leaf bug (in the mantis family.)

Melina as Dorothy, Christos as Indiana Jones. Halloween 2008.

Dorothy, Indiana Jones join Pirate (Sebastian) and Ninja (Jan Henrich) - candy hunt in ON.

Melina in the Dawg Pound. When the Browns stink, tickets are cheaper than a babysitter!

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