Spring 2008 - Watch it go from snow to summer-like heat in 3 short months!
Pics added December 2008

A cool Spring day at the zoo.

April in Cleveland - sloshing around in Southerly Park.

Trying to get Sammy to chase a stick.

Look closely, Christos in Doan Brook, exploring.

BONUS PIC from the "Q"

Melina, Astrid and Christos at the Cavs/Bulls game. April 2008.

Christos turns 7.

Christos as "The Great Pinguino" - Magic-themed Party.

Christos by his cake, Michael uninterested.

"Happy Birthday to you..." - Family and friends salute Christos.

"Rabbit in the hat" brutally beaten as all pinatas are!

APRIL 20, 2008

Christos' namesake - Papou Christ - celebrates his 78th birthday. Na zisi!

Lent and Easter!

Orthodox Easter was April 27, 2008.

Melina waiting with friends to do parade of icons.

Christos in the Narthex with his icon.

Both kids can be seen participating at Sts. Contantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

Photo courtesy of Brynne Shaw/Plain Dealer.
Melina as she appeared online on a Cleveland Plain Dealer blog.
Click on pic to see the article.

Krista and Michael help Christos locate Easter Eggs - Kalo Pascha!

Christos, Nicole, Michael, Krista (holding Olivia) and Melina before church on Easter.

Melina on the grass of the church doiong Easter Egg hunt (where other pic was taken.)

School ends - Testing - Fun Stuff!

Melina performs for the last time at Cleveland Music School Settlement (Pre-School)

Melina dancing with her class.

Christos on his last day of 1st Grade, walking with his teacher, Mrs. Jindra.

In Tae Kwon Do Class, Melina and Christos to the left, ATA Academy.

Melina breaks a board with her foot!

Melina and Christos test for their Orange belt with Instructor Donna Loquatro.

Melina and Christos receive their Orange belt and pose with Mrs. Donna Loquatro.

Tiger Cub Christos marches in Memorial Day Parade.

Melina on her new bicycle - showing confidence!

Melina at the Parade on the Circle - June 10, 2008.

Melina and Christos at the end of the parade.

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