Spring 2009 - Winter and early Spring!
Pics added April 2009

At Rancho Robinson - first weekend of 2009 - Melina on Lucy.

Christos' turn on the Pony - Mister - won't you please help him?

Christos is transfixed by Melina's Inauguration dance...

Christos and Melina enjoying Chinese New Year.

Christos and Melina at Li Wa - Cleveland Chinatown.

Melina can really work those chopsticks.

Testing time for the next level of Tae Kwon Do. ATA Academy.

Trying to get through winter - yes it is March - Sammy still eager.

The kids before school.


Melina in Astoria with the octopus ready to go down the hatch!

Christos by his favorite artist's work - his 1st Van Gogh of the day.

The kids and Pollock. MOMA

Christos and Mooshhhh at F.A.O. Schwartz!

The kids at Strawberry Fields, Central Park.

Christos visits Mooshhhh's old barber at Astor Place - Mario Machiaruollo.

APRIL 17, 2008

Christos at Sts. Constantine and Helen Cathedral - Good Friday.

Lent and Easter!

Orthodox Easter was April 19, 2009.

Christos finds his Easter basket first.

Melina bursts out to lead the Easter Egg hunt at Sts. Constantine and Helen.


Christos works on his Pinewood Derby racer.

Christos shows off his car an 1 of 2 trophies.

Christos crosses rope bridge - April 25 - Trailblazer Adventure Day.

Christos shows impressive form the first time he nocks an arrow.

That's all, folks.

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