The 2000 Blumpee FUN Page. A rare glimpse into what goes on OFF the course.

Two of our better golfers smile for the camera after a day at the links - ex-champ Dan Demaree and original Blumpist Jim Kuhn.

These guys are ready to party, so Timmy, Mooshhhh, John Ploeger and John Doherty will talk to the coach - and try to get ready for the next day...

High scoring duo - Dave Braun and Mooshhhh relax in their condo before hitting the links. Relaxing is the key - these two will combine for about 225 strokes.

Horses race along the beach behind John Doherty - who has just inhaled a huge lung-full of... sea air.

Founder's Club member Jim Kuhn relaxes in the condo... the fresh sea air and sunshine make the trip wonderful. This year - the weather was almost perfect. Click here to see a picture just of the view from the condos.

Long time blumpists Scott Spencer and Mick "Old Goat" Taylor anxiously "sweat out" the results. There has been at least one Spencer at every Blumpee.

Timmy Robinson has other things on his mind now that the round is finished. Coincidentaly it has a lot to do with "campy" fantasies (note letters on the wall behind Timmy.) Dan Demaree is not quick enough to get out the way and is stuck with a picture of him and Tim together.

Gary plots the re-taking of his crown while Dan smugly chuckles - Dave Braun can only hope that he can beat Dan and Gary (combined score that is.)

John Ploeger can't wait to get back to the condos and "talk to the coach" while Mike Robb chortles off to the side.

The best was saved for last!

"Rookie's delight" - Does John Doherty look delighted as he forks over cash to cover the intensely complex team betting? No - but the Blumpee old-timer taking his money is very delighted. "Rookie's Delight" - kind of like "Lucky Pierre."

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