Actually two others did as well.
February 16-19, 2007

Steve Spencer 2007 Blumpee Open Champion congratulated by 2006 winner, Demos C. Ioannou

More pics.

Spence in championship form.

Spence and Jim observe Tim teeing off.

Once again Tim shows his chilli-dip style.

Former champs D.C. Ioannou, J. Palotas, & L. Wilhelm.

The wonderful comraderie of the Blumpee.

Ed Armstrong takes a picture of me, taking a picture of him at the Bellview Biltmore.

The 2007 field.

More fun stuff.

Talk to the Coach: Wink!

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You can fly to: Tampa, St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Bradenton or even ORLANDO!
St. Pete/Clearwater closest to hotel.
Check Flights STILL around $300 at ideal times (leave Thursday night, come back Monday afternoon.

Who went on that sweet escape Florida, where we caught the first breath of Spring? Will YOU be there in 2008?

The trip includes:

* 72 Holes of breathtakingly beautiful golf holes!
* Accomodations in RIGHT on the Gulf of Mexico!
* All of this for LESS than the Greens Fees of the 4 courses!
* A chance to dethrone Demos C. Ioannou

For 2008. I, Mooshhh (a.k.a. Demos Ioannou) will line up the 16 spots. The courses have been chosen by members of the "Founder's Club."

For those neanderthalic blumpists who are either too cheap or too dumb to access this page - I say, "Join the information age!" But if they can't see this... print this out for them and give it to them!

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