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Day 3 - the first ever RAIN DELAY!

Here you see Mooshhhh, go for the green, baby!

Ed Armstrong - with a LOOOOOOOONG putt.

Mooshhhh at "The Gambler" - guess who lost?

Ed is having a hard time find the right club to get out of this sticky situation.

Mick - watching another monster drive.

Anxious golfers sweat out the first ever rain delay.

Spence and Ploog get ready to finish up MBNKN.

Mick, Ed and John - ready to tee off.

Ed lets it rip. Palotas can't watch.

Finishing up MBNKN - 18th hole - Second Group.

Finishing up MBNKN - 18th hole - Third Group.

Finishing up MBNKN - 18th hole - Last Group. Harley, don't you like finishing in the dark?

Scores for The Witch