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Day 4 - Golf and Misery - and a new Champ!

Here you see the onlt shot of the course - narrow and treacherous!

The cart girl - Prestwick. A much nicer sight than the grizzled old retiree rangers lurking the course!

Here you see the scrubs watching the final foursome. I say "scrubs" because 11 of 19 golfers scored 9 or worse on the vicious 18th hole.

Here are some scenes of the final scoring tally (NOW LOST!)

Mooshhhh does the cipherin'...

Jay looks over the shoulder...

The torch is passed! Former champ J. Palotas (right) joins Mooshhhh (left) in congratulating the reigning Blumpee Champion - Dan Demaree (center.)

Chump meets Champ.

Scores for Prestwick