Pictured at the 2005 Blumpee - Spencer getting screwed by a HORRIBLE Rules of Golf ruling! Should he get relief? Tethers on trees in his way.
Who called him on it? Founder's Club Member and Golf-Nazi, Mooshhhh (aka D.C. Ioannou.)

The Blumpee Gallery

Gallery Line-Up

The 2005 Blumpee Open: ORLANDO hosts the 13th Annual!
The 2004 Blumpee Open: 12th Annual - Back in MB, SC!
2003 Mississippi Blumpee - NEED PHOTOS
The 2002 Blumpee Open: 10th Anniversary of the Blumpee!
NO 2001 Pics (Jeff McGriff's shocking last hole heroics - no pictures?? If you have any - send them please.
The 2000 Blumpee Open: Some say, it was best weather!
The 1999 Blumpee Open: Some say, it was best!
The 1998 Blumpee Open: Biggest field yet.
The 1997 Blumpee Open: The Dirty Dozen
Ohio Nit-Nut Classic: Where's the PSU fans?
The 1996 Blumpee Open: See the now-bannned T. Dowd!