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Baby Christos : The Mooshhh Zone 2003 baby update!

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Nedstat Counter "D'OH! I picked up Willis McGahee in my pre-draft fantasy league."

A Mooshhhh Zone exclusive.

That's what I'm talkin' about!!

That's right, the best damn team in the land, and Mooshhhh was there! He and Timmy Robinson joined the Hurricane Club so they could buy tickets at face value. Cheapness will make you do crazy things. Desperation to see the Buckeyes "go for it" drove that desire... After years of road games (and heartbreak) - how could you miss this game? How could you NOT see Buckeye glory delivered to you in person?

So Mooshhhh went to the desert and was rewarded. It was the greatest college game in OSU (and probably) college history. Thank you, Coach Jim Tressel, for making the Buckeyes rise back to the Pantheon of college football. As the Phoenix rose from the ashes, so did the Buckeyes rise up in Phoenix to defeat the over-hyped Miami Hurricanes.

So - Christos gets bumped from the Mooshhhh Zione front page. Oh well. But there are new pics. Go Check 'em out.
You - the web community - demanded an update! And what do we have this month? New pics of the baby/toddler AND Fiesta Bowl highlights. Send me a message once in a while, will ya'?! I'll try to keep you up to date on this mostly baby-centric version of the Mooshhhhh Zone.

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