Hello baby girl! Oh my, the web community has a special treat in store... Just click on her sweet little pic.

See the '04 WINNER?

Mooshhhh in Nebraska, Jan. 31, 2004 - click to see the HUNT!

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Mooshhhh in Arizona, Jan. 3, 2003 - click on him to see HISTORY!

Frank Lloyd Wright Cottage: pics from 02/14/02!
Wisconsin Winter: pics from 01/01/01!
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Spring Update

A MAJOR update of pics. But for Melina, she develops more sweetly than you can imagine. So here you go, MORE PICS! Spring, playtime, sleeptime, visits, and even some added Christmas pics. More from Arkansas, ah - the simple life.

She's getting bigger and more alert, right on schedule. Christos is gettin crazier than ever - getting ready to go from the "terrible twos" to the "thrashing threes" on April 5... So gently click on her pic on the left - and see ALL the pics.

Back to the family - lots of pics here - just go see them.

Two children now compete for front page action on the Mooshhhh Zone, but there ARE MOOSHHHH additions. The 2004 Blumpee and a hunting trip.

You - the web community - demanded an update! Send me a message once in a while, will ya'?! I'll try to keep you up to date on this mostly baby-centric version of the Mooshhhhh Zone.

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The Buckeyes reign as the National Championship ended Jan. 4, 2004. Remember at the beginning of 2003? Didn't you like the floating trophies and buckeye leaves on the Moosh Zone tribute? If you still want to see that glorious page click here for the Mooshhh Zone 2003's 1st update.

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Dieter Herchet's OLD Baby
Me and Mike Watt - we loved this guy...

"D-OH! Too many carbs in that poi, boy!"