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Junior Wells - You made the snowflakes blue...

Who in the internet world ever had a chance to meet Junior Wells? Who was able to talk with him after a show? Who can say that besides his raw, rockin' blues, you can get words of wisdom from the newest member of "Blues Heaven"? I can. John Doherty, Eric Wygle and myself were travelling back from Madison, WI after the Badgers upset the OSU team that was to play in the 1985 Rose Bowl. We didn't want to stay in Madison - so we went to Chicago to better deal with our own blues. We saw Junior Wells' ass-kickin' show and then in a near-blubbery outpouring of our own emotions started to tell Junior Wells why WE had the blues. "There's all kinds of blues!", said Junior and quickly walked away. Man, he was good. Junior Wells died in Chicago, Jan. 16, 1998.