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Mike Watt - Oct. 7 - O'Kayz Corral

Tom Petty - Oct. 12 - Dane Cty. Coliseum

The Bevis Frond - Oct. 15 - 770 Club - Union

Rock-toberfest in Madison!

Who in the world would ever imagine the joyous bounty of sound that Madison will experience in October 1999? Well maybe only me, since perhaps only Gerald Moss, John Doherty and a couple of other nuts even have such eclectic tastes in Music.

I am too lazy to set up links for these pics - but you can find stuff about these guys all over the net.

mIKE wATT - bassist for the mINUTEMEN, fIREHOSE; even a gig with Porno for Pyros. What can I say about Watt? NOBODY booms the thunderstick like my man, Mike. Don't miss him - he's doin' the tourspiel - tourin' the USA in a van.

Tom Petty - you know who he is. My news? 14th row tickets - right side, so my view should be very similar to the pic above.

The Bevis Frond - ah - Nick Salomon - eccentric English psychedelic hippie rocker. While his studio cuts are raw (plays all the instruments himself) - who can deny his awesome pop sensibilities? Live? A power trio - what else can I add?