The 1998 Blumpee Open 
Less than 72 hours and we will embark on another Blumpee Tournament. This year's tourney will be the biggest ever - with 20 players!
In the photo, you can see me, Demos Ioannou (aka Mooshhhh) third from the left in the top row. See how many original Blumpists YOU can find! Guess which no-show (shown here) is the only real threat to McGriff's stranglehold on the coveted Champion's Plaque?
Now YOU the WEB-SAVY BLUMPIST can check the weather. Notice the clothing worn by players. Be prepared! Visit the courses, check the weather and get crucial info to get you ready. Oh yeah, WHAT IS A BLUMPEE? Ask Timmy Robinson, he'll SHOW you. 

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By Wednesday night of Blumpee Week '98 you will also see:
Letters to

Blumpee Rules & Scoring System (Stableford)
and MORE...
people have visited this page - but the number is small, compared to the penalty strokes Timmy Robinson will take over 72 holes! 

Demos C. Ioannou

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Official Blumpee LINKS

Official BAND: WEEN 

The Mooshhhh Zone: Heralded as BEST SITE on the web!

'98 Course Links

Moorland: All the info??? This site did not work Saturday & I called the course!! 

Panther's Run: NEW - BETTER INFO! 

Sea Trail - Rees Jones: Our Sunday Best! Check out the yardage book on here! 

Man-o-War: Crazy, Kitschy Site - All there, though! 

Other Essentials: 

The Weather Channel: Check it out, baby... 

Talk to the Coach: Wink!