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The 1998 Blumpee Open is HISTORY 
Wow! I can't believe another Blumpee Tournament has come and gone. This year's tourney was, by far, the biggest and best ever! Also - there was a new Champion who was also Rookie of the Year!
Here you see some fantastic art by Stevie Spencer. He is quite a talented artist - and you thought Blumpees were his specialty!
I, Demos, not pictured, act as the ever unpopular Head Marshal. After my Kenneth Starr like interviewing of all Blumpists, I must regretfully post scores... though nobody admitted to cheating! What did Spence do with the "Mulligan Money"?
Though this Whitewater-type event went unpunished, there will always be next year.
"Quit rambling!", I know you are saying to yourself. Well the scores are listed by clicking on the link below.

There will more - SOON!
When will more stuff be put on-line? YOU the WEB-SAVY BLUMPIST, or a visitor to this site, will have to check back every day until I get around to doing it, unless of course you have sent me your e-mail, and at that point, I'll notify you. To see the final results, click here! 
hits have occured to this page, surpassing the 439 strokes it took this year's most improved golfer's 72 hole total. Who was that? Look at the scores! 

Demos C. Ioannou

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