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Spence's Bionic Ankle
Columbus, OH - Forget the fact that the '99 Blumpee now has 20 participants. More shocking - it has been revealed that Steve Spencer's ankle has been rebuilt, better, stronger, faster! That's right - a bionic ankle, laden with golfing extras! This unretouched photo shows Spencer's new ankle, with tee holder and extra ball. The specially designed ball-holder/shunt was put in by special request of the US government. The cost? 6 million dollars, of course. You can now refer to him as Steve "Austin" Spencer!
If you didn't hear, Stephen Spencer broke his ankle in six places - PLAYING GOLF! It happened November 15. Click here  to see the secret picture of Steve taken on a secret golf get-away in Florida - cast and all!

On a less serious note, Mick "The Old Goat" Taylor has returned to the Blumpee, tempted by the promise of foot massages and blumpees.

Who will be there?? Will 1998 Champion, John Palotas, repeat? Can Gary McGriff beat him?? What about the hotshot rookies? I hear a couple of them are pretty good!

Given the injury, I, Demos must organize even more than the tee times & hotels. I will be the key contact AND continue to act as the Kenneth Starr-like Head Marshal. What about Spence? Time will tell. I need to send out the (hardcopy) final confirmation soon - for those neanderthalic blumpists who are either too cheap or too dumb to access this page.

So... the 1999 Page is updated for YOU the WEB-SAVY BLUMPIST, or a visitor to this site - I want this to be the best one yet.
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'99 Course Line-up (Links modified! 1/29)

Pine Lakes - Finally found while surfing.

The Witch Golf Links

Myrtle Beach National - Kings Course (North) - UPDATED

Prestwick (A Toughie!)

Other Essentials: 

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1999 Blumpee - See who is in for sure! Have you paid your deposit? Click here! Find out! 

Map of Courses & Hotel! Added 8/27

Omigosh! Spence ad Jim Kuhn caught on film - "talking to the coach"!! Click here.  SHOCKING PHOTO!

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Madison, WI
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