It's all OVER!
Another HUGE

Monday - March 1 - happy golfers BEFORE the treacherous Prestwick links!

The Blumists have returned to Winter. Ahhhh, but the sweet escape to South Carolina, where we caught the first breath of Spring, was another astounding success. Ask any Blumpist... Will YOU be there in 2000?

I, Demos, (aka Mooshhhh) is receiving pics (like the one above) and will update the site with best coverage on the net! At the tourney, I tried to act as the Kenneth Starr-like Head Marshal, but (as you will soon see) in the letters to Hamish, THERE WAS CHEATING. For those neanderthalic blumpists who are either too cheap or too dumb to access this page - I say, "Join the information age!" But if they can't see this... what good will that strong message be?

What about Spence? He is OFFICIALLY a sand-bagging MoFo!! If you didn't hear, Stephen Spencer broke his ankle  in six places - PLAYING GOLF! It happened November 15. Click here  to see the picture of Steve taken before our own golf get-away - where not only did he play - he played VERY well (compared to me.)

So... the 1999 Page is updated for YOU the WEB-SAVY BLUMPIST, or a visitor to this site - I want this to be the best one yet.
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'99 Course Line-up (Links modified! 2/9)

Pine Lakes - Finally found while surfing.

The Witch Golf Links

Myrtle Beach National - Kings Course (North)

Prestwick (A Toughie!)

Other Essentials: 

The Weather Channel: Check it out, baby... 

Talk to the Coach: Wink!

Dan Demaree takes it all!
Results - SOON!!!
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Map of Courses & Hotel! Added 8/27

Omigosh! Spence ad Jim Kuhn caught on film - "talking to the coach"!! Click here.  SHOCKING PHOTO!

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