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The Mooshhhh Zone features the
Great sport of Golfing!

July & August 1999

Here you see Mooshhhh (aka) D.C. Ioannou and Spence at Carnoustie, Scotland. They were trying to qualify for the (British) Open last weekend (July 11-12) but both shot over 100 at the brutal links. Check out the rough! Needless to say - neither qualified. Some French guy they were grouped with did - Jean van de ... something. He qualified -- I wonder how he did?

So - why golfing - why now? Why not? Aside from Carnoustie - Mooshhh was blessed to play at the prestigious Olympic Club (in SF, CA) on July 7. He showed flashes of brilliance - but was unable to talk with his coach. He had a par on 17 - but then took an 8 on 18. Yechhhh! Pictures soon. Check out the Blumee page for lots more pictures taken at the '99 Blumpee Open.

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