They are both LOSERS!
The REAL winner in SC won't be known until Feb. 28!
2000 Blumpee participants contending for the title, John Ploeger, Tim Robinson, Esq., Scott Spencer, Esq., Mike Robb, Mick Taylor, John Palotas, Jim Kuhn, Dan Demaree, Demos Ioannou, Gary McGriff, and "Rookie" John F. Doherty.

The final 2000 Page update before the tourney, now YOU, the WEB-SAVY BLUMPIST, or a visitor to this site can check in! WELCOME and don't forget to write to Hamish. Association Logo
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Blumpee 2000 Course Line-up and TEE TIMES (Links modified! 11/4/99)

Wild Wing Plantation - Hummingbird Feb. 25 11:32-12:12 (No Mulligans!)

The Wizard Golf Links Feb. 26 7:56-8:36

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club Feb 27 12:40-1:20

Myrtle Beach National Kings Course (North) Feb. 28 7:30-7:50


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Talk to the Coach: Wink!

Official BAND: WEEN 

The Mooshhhh Zone: Heralded as BEST SITE on the web!

Blumpee Field cut down to 12 - only 11 signed up.

Well - that's it, Dave Braun and Terry Mangan are MIA, and only rumors that Larry Wilhelm will be sporting his natty Chief Wahoo duds. A small field? Hey, I'm golfin'! Will you be?

NOTE: To all 2000 Blumpee Open participants, due to the odd number of attendees, there will be a need to collect some cash from some of you due to the bizarre accounting system used by Condotels. Overcharged will be: D. Ioannou, T. Robinson, J. Doherty & D.Demaree. The rest will need to even this up. It will be under $15 per man, so relax. We will straighten this out in MB.

How many bowed out this year due the economic protest of the South Carolina state flag! Yes, there are few dyed-in-wool liberals who participated in the past. Perry at Pine Lakes may have been the last straw! The rest of us will take part in some constructive engagement. Who is in? Who is out? Check the 2000 Blumpee Roster and see who has paid and who has not!

This week we go on that sweet escape to South Carolina, where we catch the first breath of Spring. Will YOU be there?

The trip includes:

* 72 Holes of breathtakingly beautiful golf holes!
* Seaside accomodations in Myrtle Beach, SC!
* All of this for LESS than the Greens Fees of the 4 courses!

I, Mooshhh (a.k.a. Demos Ioannou) have already lined up 24 spots. The courses have been chosen by members of the "Founder's Club." All I need is for you to call and put down your $150 deposit (refundable) RIGHT NOW! 800-777-0846 - Ask for Mack. Total cost? About $380.

For those neanderthalic blumpists who are either too cheap or too dumb to access this page - I say, "Join the information age!" But if they can't see this... print this out for them and give it to them!

See Pics from Blumpee's glorious past in the Gallery.

    Press on the image to see letters to our old friend, Hamish!

Map of 2000 Courses & Condo!

monkeys are hidden away in Kramer's butt! 

Demos C. Ioannou
Madison, WI
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