Bucky Bites - Hard!

Sweet Ghost of Woody! You and Tricky Dick are together in hell, that's what it is like in Madison for a Buckeye. Click on the words "Ghost of Woody" and visit the "Bucky Bites Back!" Webpage!


Oh boy! After more than a year of Badger bashing - it has finally all come back on Mooshhhh. What follows (click on "Sweet Ghost of Woody") is a shocking and tasteless Buckeye-bashing as re-told by Mark Fosler. This cheese-eating weasel (weasel, badger - what's the difference? - a badger is just a fat weasel) has put together a biased view of the events of Oct. 1 - Oct. 4 1999.

So go back if you have children on the net. If you are brave enough, proceed. A rare anti-Mooshhhh page; done soley for humor and history. *Sigh*