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2001 Couse Line-up and Tee Times

Arrowhead: Friday 12:00 - 12:45
Heritage: Saturday 8:28-8:44 F&B
Caledonia: Sunday 8:19-8:43 F&B
Belle-Terre: Monday 7:15-8:00

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Demos Ioannou
Madison, WI
United States

February 23-26, 2001
NEW NEWS 2/19!

UGHHHH -MORE HEADACHES!!! Is Timmy out? Do we have 13 or 14? (13 without him) - what a terrible number. Yes - it's that time again to think about the 2001 Blumpee - A golfing Odyssey. This is is it. 13 guys - means a higher surcharge - to be assessed in MB. One BIG change this year - CARTS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! So the cost for the condo, golf and carts will be $493.42 - for staying 3 nights it will cost $456.82. Send this URL (web address) to all your buddies! And write to Hamish - care of Mooshhhh!

The Gallery: Pictures from past Blumpee Opens - including some that were just added01/01/01.
TRAVELOCITY: Flights from O'Hare STILL under $200 to Myrtle Beach!!