The 2000 Blumpee ACTION Page.
Mick - THE OLD GOAT - puts at the Wizard!

Smooth as silk... Gary McGriff putts as Scott Spencer points out screaming ambulance to Timmy Robinson!

Gary holds the flag for John Doherty.

Gary helps Jim Kuhn look for a ball at the Wizard!

Mooshhhh strikes the ball about as well as he can at Myrtle Beach National - Kings North No. 12 hole. See the ball!

Timmy and Mooshhhh look on as John Doherty hits the ball from the bunker at Myrtle Beach National - Kings North No. 5 hole.

That's it for the "Action" photos!

"Weak?" Is that what you said? Click on the close-up of Mooshhhh for a special message.

More goofy stuff: Drinking, laughing, the beach...

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