That's right - be patriotic - and go golfing. This year is we are having our 10th Blumpee Open Golf Tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC. Even if you don't know me personally - you and your buddies can show Usama bin Laden that you aren't a sissy like he is - hiding in a cave or wearing a burka on a donkey in the mountains of Pakistan!

Do the right thing! You will help the US economy by flying to Myrtle Beach and spending some cash at one of America's top golf resort destinations. Whether you have a group or are alone, we will welcome you with open arms!

So that's it - it is simple - golf with us or let El Quaida (and maybe your wife) tell you what to do! If you want the details, click here and go to the official Blumpee 2002 webpage. Uncle Sam wants YOU to find another player. C'mon... what could be more fun and all-American?